The perfect place to relax

If you are looking for relaxation, then you are in the right place. The famous town Sassnitz (Germany) is located on the coast in the northeast of the picturesque island of Rügen and offers the perfect mix of beautiful nature and a charming old town.

View from the water on Sassnitz (Rügen).

Old Town of Sassnitz

The beautiful historical center of Sassnitz Rügen invites you to marvel at its ornate spa architecture. You walk between balconies and verandas left and right, which set colourful accents in the scenery. Many cafés and boutiques tempt you to linger.

Award-winning pedestrian bridge at Sassnitz harbour.

From the city centre you can reach the harbour of Sassnitz via an extraordinary pedestrian bridge.

The 274-metre-long hanging construction was awarded the German Bridge Construction Prize in 2010.

Inside the submarine at Sassnitz Mukran Port.

Once you have reached the city harbour, there are exciting things to discover. A special highlight: the submarine HMS Otus. It used to dive for the British Royal Navy but is now located in the Erlebniswelt U-Boot (which could be translated as "adventure world submarine") museum and awaits curious visitors.

Pier light at the pier of Sassnitz harbour in Sassnitz (Rügen).

From afar you will be greeted by the pier light at the eastern pier of Sassnitz. In 1937 the striking octagonal lighthouse was built at this place, which is now painted in friendly green and white. On a walk to the monument you can see the balcony of the 15-metre-high top which surrounds the lantern house.

Sassnitz Harbour

In the very south you will find the district of Sassnitz Mukran. If you have ever travelled to Sweden by ferry, you probably know this area as the beautiful ferry port of Sassnitz is also located there. Since 1986, ferries to Bornholm, Lithuania, Russia – and to Sweden, of course – have been leaving from here. By the way: There is another exciting fact about Sassnitz harbour – or did you know that you are standing in front of the third largest Baltic Sea port in Germany?

The terminal building at the Mukran Port ferry terminal in Sassnitz