Binz (Rügen) – Beach Paradise At The Baltic Sea

Welcome to the Baltic resort Binz, another pearl on the island of Rügen. A charming and ancient health resort, a dream of the turn of the century with beautiful white houses with stucco and carpentry. Especially impressive is the large wellness hotel with its beautiful terrace and fantastic location. In Binz, which has been a seaside resort since the 1870s, you can stroll along the extensive promenade, dine in one of the resort's cosy restaurants and cafés, relax on miles of beaches and enjoy the magnificent view from the 370-meter-long Binz pier.

View from the seabridge Binz to the beach.
Binz and the Baltic Sea from above.


Sights In Binz

Gudrun Krueger View of the front of the Grantiz hunting lodge.

Hunting Lodge Granitz – Rügen's Crown

Do not miss a walk through the beautiful beech forest from Binz to the hunting lodge Granitz.

Those who climb the 154 steps of the picturesque central tower of the castle are rewarded with a magnificent view over the island and the adjacent Baltic Sea. A historical museum, which is open daily in October, and a castle garden, which invites you to cool refreshments, await you.

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The "rasende Roland" at full speed.

Rasender Roland – Rügen's Historic Steam Locomotive

Travel through time in lovingly restored cars of the old steam locomotive that connects Putbus, Gören, Binz and Sellin. A nostalgic journey between charming Baltic seaside resorts and through untouched beech forest.
Yellow Baltic chairs in Binz.

"Beach Baskets" everywhere

Don't miss the chance to relax in one of the characteristic beach basket chairs to find shelter from the sun and wind.

Did You Know?

The typical seats of the Baltic Sea presumably saw the light of day in 1882.

© Gudrun Krueger Treetop Walk Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen from below.

Treetop Walk Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen

A unique adventure hike between the highest tree tops! Learn exciting details about your environment along the way and be rewarded with the fantastic view over the surrounding mixed beech forest and the alder bridge of Rügen from 4 to 17 meter high vantage points. Since the gradient is a maximum of 6 %, the 1,250 m long route is also easy to master with a baby carriage or wheelchair.

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Prora belongs to the seaside resort Binz and is located directly on the beach. The "Colossus of Prora" was originally intended to accommodate about 20,000 vacationers. The 4.5 km long, half-finished building complex is now being converted into a luxurious vacation resort with hotels, restaurants, cafés, condominiums and hostels.