What To Expect On Board

Food & Drinks

Snacks in the bordbistro of the High Speed Ferry.

Do you fancy a snack?

Treat yourself with a little something if you are feeling a little hungry. Whether sweet or savoury snacks – we look forward to treating you with tasty delicacies.

Of course, we also offer a selection of refreshing drinks as well as exclusive hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Board Shop

Bordshop on board of FRS.

The board shop invites to stroll and shop. Whether you are up to drinks or snacks – on 150 square metres, you will certainly find one or another bargain for your trip or maybe for a souvenir to bring home.

Beyond that, we have alcoholic beverages, perfume, sweets and a lot more. We look forward to your visit at our onboard shop.

Get directly to the Beverage Price List (valid for the shop on board as well as the Bordershop ashore).

Convenient Travels

Seating area on the High Speed Ferry.

You can find comfortable seating areas for groups of three or two in all areas of the jet. The seating sets are comparable with seating areas on a plane or a coach and are arranged around tables or are equipped with folding tables. Find a delightful spot that you prefer. We look forward to welcoming you on board our catamaran.

Open Deck

Outdoor area of the High Speed Ferry.

Maybe you would like to enjoy the sea breeze on a walk over the gallery?

All decks offer a wide window façade, of course, but there is nothing like a side trip to our open deck area. Being there, you will have a clear view over the waves and the scenic coasts of Rügen and Southern Sweden.

Entertainment On Board

Rock formation Ales Stenar near Ystad up close.

During the crossing, you are able to get a lot of exciting information on your destination and sights along the route. Just have a look at the monitors that are installed everywhere on our high-speed catamaran. Alternatively, you can scan one of our numerous QR codes with your smartphone and receive the information directly on your mobile phone. You will find the QR codes on the posters that are put up in many places of the vessel.

Free WiFi

Woman using the travel app FRS Travel on her mobile.

On board our high-speed catamaran, you benefit from our free offer of WiFi access. Connect with our wireless LAN network and click on „Accept terms and conditions” – then you are ready to start browsing. After 20 minutes you will be offered a staggered price, but you can also dial in again and surf for free for another 20 minutes. We would be pleased if you like to visit our travel app FRS Travel.

Have fun browsing through the internet!

High Speed Ferry from the front side.

Did You Know?

The high-speed catamaran that we operate has already set many historic speed records.

To The Vessel

The Vessel