Jasmund National Park

Sunlight breaks through beech trees in Jasmund National Park.

Did you know that Sassnitz is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Those who have already been to the lush beech forests in the Jasmund resort won't be surprised by this.

Here you can discover clear streams, light moors and some rare forest inhabitants such as the kingfisher or the cream-coloured chalk owl.

Kingfisher in Jasmund National Park.

Chalk Cliffs Of Jasmund

Speaking of chalk: The Jasmund Park is famous for its chalk rocks. Even though the popular Wissower Cliffs today no longer look as they used to, they are always worth a visit. The most famous rock, however, is the chalk cliff Königsstuhl Jasmund which rockets 118 meters into the sky. And you can even walk on it: At the top, there is a visitor platform that offers an impressive panorama over the Baltic Sea.

Panoramic view of the Jasmund National Park with the famous chalk cliff Königsstuhl Jasmund.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you can book a guided tour of the Jasmund peninsula. Professional archaeologists will take you on a journey through the history of the national park and geological as well as botanical features. Ground monuments such as large stone graves from the Neolithic Age or castle walls from the Slavic Age are just some of the highlights awaiting you there.

When you take a walk in the Jasmund National Park, you are taking a fascinating journey through 70 million years of earth history. Several layers of rock reveal hidden clues about how the cosy Baltic Sea island of Rügen may have come to live. Not only chalk but also black flint-stone nodules, clay, marl and large boulders let you indulge in past times. And can you discover the giant American sequoia tree?

Thermal Bath Jasmund

The little ones can spend a good time at the park Jasmund, too – for example in the thermal bath Jasmund.

There is a large bathing area with an 80-metre long water slide, an outdoor pool, a sauna and a whirlpool and even a flow channel.

Have some rest time and enjoy a good snack in between.

Child dives under water in the thermal bath Jasmund.