Traveling With Our High-Speed Vessel

With high speed into your holiday

The high-speed jet gets you from one coast to the other in next to no time. Four powerful Ruston engines as well as 40,000 hp make it possible: The high-speed catamaran reaches a top speed of 44 knots when unloaded. An unbeatable advantage for our fast ferry route Germany – Sweden.

Almost a pity that the journey only takes 2.5 hours, as there is a lot to discover on the speed jet.

The vessel is a real all-rounder: Thanks to the intelligent division, the vehicles do not have to turn around on board, but they can roll off in a semicircle – a real benefit.

High Speed Ferry next to the chalk cliffs of Jasmund.

What To Expect On Board

A board entertainment system, our gastronomic offer as well as attractive shopping possibilities await you on your trip with us.


On Board

On Board
The "Skane Jet" arrives in Sassnitz

Ship Data

Line graphic of the High Speed Ferry.
Length: 91 meters
Beam: 26 meters
Maximum speed: 44 knots
Passengers: 676
Vehicles: 210 cars


Great History

By virtue of its 40,000 hp and its catamaran design, our high-speed jet reaches a top speed of up to 44 knots when not loaded. Fascinating if you imagine that this 91 metres long high-speed catamaran is able to speed across the water with almost 90 km/h. Shortly after the launch in 1998, the vessel demonstrated its speed in an impressive way. In only 2 days, 17 hours and 59 minutes, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the USA to Great Britain. In doing so, the jet beat the existing record with impressive 34 hours. For this performance, the vessel has been awarded the prestigious “Blue Ribbon” for the fastest transatlantic crossing. The average speed was 41.025 knots (equivalent to 75.98 km/h). A record that remains unchallenged to this date!

As from spring 2023, the catamaran will be used for the route between the ferry port of Sassnitz (Germany) and the ferry port of Trelleborg (Sweden) – the fastest service between those countries.

Whether you would like to go on holiday by car, camper van or caravan or just for a short trip – the high-speed ferry will get you there in record time.