General Tariff Regulations for Carriage by Sea (GTR)

General Regulations § 1
Tickets § 2
Discounts § 3
Benefits and additional offers as well as promotions § 4
Special trips § 5
Discount offers § 6
Increased fare § 7
Transport tariffs and service charge § 8
Vouchers § 9
Miscellaneous § 10


§ 1 General Regulations

These General Tariff Regulations (hereinafter also referred to as "GTR") apply to all regular carriage by FRS Baltic GmbH (hereinafter also referred to as "Carrier") and - if marked - for special Tours of the Carrier. With the conclusion of the contract the GTR become part of the contract of carriage; the Passenger accepts these with binding effect.


§ 2 Tickets

  1. Tickets are non-transferable, this also applies to special Tours (§ 5) and discount offers (§ 6). If tickets are marked with a specific date and time, they are only valid for the transport specified at that time. Tickets can only be booked at the fares valid at the time of booking in accordance with § 8 GTR.
  2. Tickets for one way trips entitle the holder to a single journey between the port of departure and the port of destination stated on the ticket.
  3. Combi Tickets entitle the holder to a round trip between the port of departure and port of destination shown on the ticket with a timely interruption of transport corresponding to the period or date shown on the ticket. Vehicle transportation without simultaneous passenger transportation does not take place.
  4. There are separate tickets for motorised and non-motorised vehicles. These are subject to special prices. The different types of tickets can be found here on our website. Tickets for vehicles are valid only for the vehicle for which they were purchased and in conjunction with the corresponding vehicle registration document, which must be presented to the Carrier on request.
  5. For dogs tickets respective to the ticket type need to be purchased. As the space on board for dogs is limited, the Carrier can refuse to transport dogs and Passengers in accordance with § 10 (1) c) GTC if the Passenger has not obtained a corresponding ticket for his animal before the start of the Carriage.


§ 3 Discounts

  1. Children under the age of one are not entitled to a seat of their own and do not pay a fare. Children from one year up to and including the age of 3 are entitle to a seat. They are carried free of charge on regular carriages. For journeys in higher classes, the surcharges for the seat category are charged. Children aged 4 to 15 receive a discount on the ferry tariff.
  2. Any fare reductions will be granted only upon prior application. The application must be accompanied by appropriate evidence entitlement to the fare reduction.
  3. If the application for a fare reduction is incorrect or if the Carrier is not informed immediately before the start of the journey of any changes in these circumstances, the Passenger shall lose the right to benefit from the fare reduction for one year from the date of the unjustified application of the reduction.


§ 4 Benefits and additional offers as well as promotions

  1. In addition to the above-mentioned tickets and discounts, special promotional prices and cooperation offers with third parties may be offered. These are published as part of the transport tariffs.
  2. Additional offers must be booked before departure. A cancellation due to operational requirements is also possible at short notice. In this case, the corresponding fees will be reimbursed.


§ 5 Special Tours

Special Tours are all carriages within the meaning of § 12 of the General Terms of Carriage (“GTC”). Separate regulations and tariffs apply to them. These can be found in the respective offer and our GTC.


§ 6 Discount offers

Discounts (within the meaning of Section 13 of the GTC) may be offered by the Carrier on tickets of the regular timetable. Separate regulations and tariffs apply to them. These can be found in the respective offer and our GTC.


§ 7 Increased fare

Under the conditions of § 5 GTC, the Carrier reserves the right to demand that an increased fare is to be paid by the Passenger.


§ 8 Transport tariffs and service charge

  1. The transport tariffs shall be determined separately, irrespective of these tariff provisions. They are published on the Carrier’s website and on timetables or may be obtained from the Carrier's points of sale. If the booking is made at the ticket office a service charge of 12,00 € (twelve Euro) per booking is levied.
  2. Tickets may only be purchased at the fares in force at the time of booking. A subsequent rebooking to e.g. special offers is not possible.
  3. Rebooking from regular tickets to reduced tickets is only possible until departure.
  4. Prices are subject to change due to general increases in fuel costs. If more than 4 (four) months have elapsed between conclusion of the contract of carriage and commencement of the journey, the Carrier is entitled to adjust the carriage charge to the extent that price factors in connection with the carriage in question, such as port charges, wages and salaries, fuel, interest rates, exchange rates, etc., over which the Carrier has no influence, have changed in the meantime. The Passenger shall be informed immediately of the price increase. On request, the composition of the price increase shall be made transparent to the Passenger.



§ 9 Vouchers

  1. Vouchers can be ordered by telephone under +49 461 864-608. The voucher will only be issued after payment of the desired equivalent value. The voucher will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address given when ordering.
  2. Vouchers are available in 6 different credit categories for the according the Euro equivalent and can be credited when purchasing tickets. The voucher alone does not entitle the holder to carriage; a ticket must be purchased. Several vouchers can be taken into account for one ticket.
  3. Any unused credit will be credited. If the value of the purchase exceeds the credit on the voucher, the difference must be paid using another payment method.
  4. The vouchers are generally transferable; the Carrier can perform to the respective owner with discharging effect. This does not apply if the Carrier has knowledge or grossly negligent ignorance of the ineligibility, legal incapacity or lack of authorization of the respective owner.
  5. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase additional vouchers. In general, there is no entitlement to payment of the voucher’s value. In case of (partial) payment using a voucher, the (partial) reimbursement also takes the form of a voucher.
  6. The limitation period of the German Civil Code (BGB) applies to the limitation of the vouchers.


§ 10 Miscellaneous

  1. This document is a translation of the Carrier’s German General Tariff Regulations („Allgemeine Tarifbedingungen“). This document only serves to inform the Passenger and has no legal effect.
  2. The content of the German General Tariff Regulations is legally binding. In case of discrepancies between the translation and the original German General Tariff Regulations the German version prevails.