Our Shipping Company – FRS Baltic

At this point we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

As a German shipping company, it is a matter close to our hearts to continue the ancient "Königslinie" between Germany and Sweden. Although we are not heading for the historical destination of the old "Königslinie" in Sweden, we can revive maritime traffic between the befriended countries of Sweden and Germany with the picturesque Ystad. With this attractive line we enrich the ferry offer on Rügen.

Northern German Roots

We belong to the family of the northern German shipping company FRS from Flensburg.

With the support of this German shipping company, we have succeeded in establishing our new offer for border tourists and day-trippers from Germany and Sweden in record time.

Family tradition and innovation go hand in hand at this German shipping company from the far north.

We can proudly say that the new ferry line perfectly fits into the FRS portfolio.



Logo of FRS: Dolphin and wave with the letters F, R and S in bright red.
  • Aerial view of the Halunder jet turning in a circle.
  • Windcat ship in offshore park.
  • Clipper Jet at sunset.
  • HSC Halunder Jet in Hamburg harbour, in the background the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall.

More than 2,000 FRS employees come from over 42 countries and are active in over 10 countries. The group fleet contains about 63 vessels, including high-speed catamarans, double-ended ferries and other types of vessels. Approximately 7.9 million passengers and 2.1 million vehicles are transported annually.

Since late summer 2020, we have been merging the Baltic Sea island of Rügen with Southern Sweden with our new ferry connection in an innovative way and can always benefit from the expertise of the internationally experienced shipping company FRS. This enables us to cover the distance with a modern high-speed ship in record time.

Cup with imprint "progress" on a desk.

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