Timetable 2021 & Prices

Our high-speed catamaran takes you from Sassnitz to Ystad and back in record time. From mid March 2021 we offer two daily departures from Thursday to Sunday and additionally on some holidays.
Brand new: In high season from mid June to August we even sail every day

We look forward to seeing you again in 2021!

From Sassnitz Mukran Port (Rügen)

From Ystad (Skåne)

Departure from Sassnitz Arrival in Ystad            Departure from Ystad Arrival in Sassnitz
08:15 10:45 11:45 14:15
15:45 18.15 19:15 21:45

The schedule is valid from 20.03.2020. Please note that departure times may change in individual cases, e. g. due to weather or operational delays.

Traveling From Rügen To Rönne?

Your can easily use our FRS connection from Sassnitz to Ystad and then travel with Bornholmslinjen from Ystad to Rönne. Due to our fast ferry "Skane Jet" between Sassnitz – Ystad that only takes 2.5 hours, this connection could be a real alternative.

You can find the departure times for the "Skane Jet" in our schedules & here you can find the timetable from Bornholmslinjen.


Special Deals

Give Away Ferry Experiences


The next birthday is just around the corner and you still need inspiration for a great gift? You would like to give away a real experience that will create many wonderful memories?

Don't worry, we got you covered: How about a nice gift voucher for a ferry ride on the "Skane Jet"!


You can choose your FRS gift voucher from 6 different price categories:

  • 25 €
  • 50 €
  • 75 €
  • 100 €
  • 150 €
  • 200 €


Just give us a ring so that we can process your request and send the voucher to your desired email address.

A great idea for last-minute gifts as well!1

Round Trip From Ystad (Car & 2 Guests)

Get your bestie in the car & go!

Book a round trip from Ystad online and get the unique chance to go express shopping in the FRS Bordershop which located directly on the ferry site. And best of all: The price of 129 €.3


Group Travels: Save More Together

You prefer travelling toghether? We perfectly understand and therefore want to reward you with a 10 % group discount!

To book this offer, contact Dirk (for Germany) or Annabell (for Sweden), our responsibles for groups.

Round Trip From Ystad (Walking Guests)

If you book a round trip from Ystad online as a walking passenger, you will be one of the lucky ones to go express shopping in the FRS Bordershop, located directly on the ferry site.

And all this for the price of just 39 €!4

Opening Hours Bordershop Sassnitz

The Bordershop is now in the winter break and will be open for you again as soon as we start operations in spring 2021.



Fares (One Way)


Category Tickets Prices (Online Booking)

High Season

Low Season

Guests Without Vehicle Adults (16+ Years) 29,- € 24,- €
Children / Adolescents (4-15 Years) 14,50 € 12,- €
Infants (< 4 Years) No Charge No Charge

With Vehicle*

* Maximum 9 guests per vehicle.

Adults (16+ Years) 25,- € 10,- €
Children / Adolescents (4-15 Years) 12,50 € 5,- €
Infants (< 4 Years) No Charge No Charge


* Basic length < 5m Length

< 1,95m Height* 99,- € 75,- €

< 1,95m Height; Extra Meter Length

12,- € 12,- €
< 2,95m Height* 109,- € 85,- €
< 2,95m Height; Extra Meter Length 14,- € 14,- €
< 4m Height* 119,- € 95,- €
< 4m Heigh; Extra Meter Length 20,- € 20,- €


* Basic length < 6m Length

< 2,95m Height* 124,- € 99,- €
< 2,95m Height; Extra Meter Length 14,- € 14,- €
< 4m Height* 139,- € 115,- €
< 4m Height; Extra Meter Length 20,- € 20,- €


* Basic length < 4m Length

< 1,95m Height* 39,- € 39,- €
< 1,95m Height; Extra Meter Length5 12,- € 12,- €
< 2,95m Height* 39,- € 39,- €
< 2,95m Height; Extra Meter Length5 14,- € 14,- €
< 4m Height* 59,- € 59,- €
< 4m Height; Extra Meter Length5 20,- € 20,- €


* Basic length < 6m Length

< 2,95m Height* 59,- € 59,- €
< 2,95m Height; Extra Meter Length 14,- € 14,- €
< 4m Height* 99,- € 99,- €
< 4m Height; Extra Meter Length 20,- € 20,- €
Bicycle 5,- € 5,- €


* Maximum of 2 guests per motorbike; the overall capacity of spaces is limited.

19,- € 19,- €

Dog / Cat*

* Maximum of 3 dogs / cats per person, as the overall capacity is limited.

5,- € 5,- €

4 Only such vehicles are considered as campers that are (from the type of construction) intended for mobile journeys with overnight accomodation.
5 Attention: To book this option, please use the tab "extra length" and select extra meters for the car; these options have the same price and are treated equally for accounting reasons.
When buying tickets at the ticket office, a service fee of 5 € per purchase is charged.
Mistakes and alterations are reserved.


Ticket Offices


Of course you can buy tickets for the crossing with FRS Baltic on the ferry site in Sassnitz & Ystad. Please note that there is a service charge of 5 € at the ticket offices, as this form of booking entails higher administrative costs for us.

Opening Hours Ticket Offices

Our Ticket Offices are now in the winter break and will open again for you in spring 2021. However, you can still contact us by e-mail all day.


Directly at the beginning of the ferry site, even before the car control, there is an ticket office in the building to the left of the car lanes which is open until shortly before boarding.

Another ticket office is located on the 3rd floor of the terminal building.


On the Swedish side you will find our ticket office in the red building centrally located on the ferry site. When you enter through the sliding doors, you will see our ticket office directly on the left side.

Please note that you can only pay by card at the ticket office in Ystad.