Visit Malmö

In this beautiful Swedish coastal city the first thing that will strike your eye is the extraordinary architecture that adorns Malmö. On the one hand, there is the old town with its beautifully ornate facades and unusual stepped pediments that invite you to revel in past times: The design actually dates back to the Middle Ages. Half-timbered houses like the Lilla Torg (Small Market) are especially well preserved.

Stortorget Malmö, the historical market place of Malmö.
The Turning Torso Malmö is reflected in the water.
Stepped pediments in Malmö.

Malmö Turning Torso

On the other hand, Malmö city offers the perfect contrast with modern buildings like the Turning Torso. As the name suggests, the tower seems to rotate on its own axis and leaves its recipients in amaze.

The Turning Torso Malmö is an architectural wonder: With a height of 190 meters, it is Northern Europe's top-ranking tower.

Front of the city hall Malmö.
The Turning Torso Malmö from below.
View of the water and a bank in the Kungsparken Malmö, the Malmö park.

Places To Visit In Malmö

Apart from the Malmö Turning Torso, there are many other sights that are worth a day trip. For example, there is the oldest park of Malmö, the King's Park (Kungsparken Malmö in Swedish). This magnificent park officially opened in 1872 and has many ponds as well as over 100 different types of trees from three continents. At the heart of the park there is a cast-iron fountain which was built ten after the park's first opening.

Alley in Malmö old town.

Day Trip Malmö

Malmö is Sweden's third largest city. It is bicycle-friendly and has many green spaces for relaxing – apart from Kungsparken Malmö – and small lakes to offer. Therefore, the large town is also called "City of Parks". Several flower beds and vegetable gardens beautify the cityscape like shining oases.

Or would you like to amble along the colourful Möllevångstorget, Möllan for short? The market is open six days a week – perfect for the next short trip!

Malmö Bridge

Another highlight is the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö that has connected the two cities since the year 2000. Cars and trains cross the Malmö bridge every day because the city of Malmö is the most important traffic center of southern Sweden due to its large railway station.

Did You Know?

Malmö has more pubs per capita than any other Swedish city!

  • Aerial view of the Öresundbridge, the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo.
  • Öresundbridge, the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo, with breaking sunbeams.
  • Water view of the Öresundbridge, the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo in the evening sun.

Malmö Beach

Just around the corner lies Ribersborg beach. Convenient, right?

Green areas and a long sandy beach were created in 1920 so people can chill or cool off from the sun in the water.

Malmö beach with the Turning Torso in the background.