• Mirko Boy Der "Skane Jet" fährt aus dem Hafen

    Travel from Sassnitz to Trelleborg at high speed

    Sassnitz, September 2022 • Sweden is a popular travel destination. Whether by car, camper, motorhome, as a day trip or weekend trip - FRS Baltic makes it possible. The highlight: The high-speed catamaran "Skane Jet" carries more than 600 passengers and up to 200 vehicles in just 2.5 hours and is thus the fastest connection by sea from Germany to Sweden.

    The FRS Baltic high-speed ferry has been operating between Sassnitz and Ystad since 2020. For the start of the 2023 season, there will now be a change of course and the new port of destination will be Trelleborg - the gateway to Sweden. Sweden's southernmost city is located on the Baltic coast in the historic province of Skåne.

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  • Matthias Ruuck Skane Jet in front of the mole of the ferry port Sassnitz (Mukran Port).

    Extensive modernisation work on board: "Skane Jet" starts the new season and shines in new splendour

    The FRS Baltic high-speed catamaran "Skane Jet" ended its winter break on 1 April. The high-speed ferry now again connects Sassnitz and Ystad in southern Sweden in less than 2.5 hours. New this season: significantly more departures and a completely redesigned bistro restaurant.

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